What’s Killing the Internet

Slow and unreliable…two words that summarize today’s internet.  For the retail community, they have to deal with the impacts on the cost of network builds, the introduction of innovation and the customer experience.

With over 70% year over year growth in demand, this will only get worse.  For the retailer, the problems are compounded with the expectation to supply wireless for the customers, new POS and other network based technologies, and the many points of failure or bottlenecks in their networks.

Although the retailer cannot address these problems on their own, there is logical solution that a retailer can be part of.  Consider the bottlenecks for the retailer then consider the alternatives from Achieve IP.

  • Mobile access – the largest single point of growth
  • Content evolution –music, video, pictures, gaming, commerce, social networking, over the top, etc.
  • Market demand – new users and the promotion of faster, more competitive products
  • Peak periods usage – Retail has the same high usage periods as the internet – evenings
  • Provider limitations – they just can keep up with the growth
  • Retailer requirements – i.e. wireless POS cannot afford latency

We are just an account number for a provider that serves millions!

The needs of retail data are simple – connectivity to head office, the data centre, and basic access to the internet.  With this in mind, the solution is simple, but your voice is important and needs to be heard.  Please leave us a reply and share your thoughts.  You comments will be encouragement for other readers.

PS, if you have expiring agreements or are about to sign an internet agreement, contact Achieve IP first.

Voice and Data for Shopping Centres is a series of posts, discussing the problems and impacts of voice and data in the retail community.  This series will give the reader an inside look at how Achieve IP is working with the property owners to rethink the shopping centre network and learn about the benefits to the retailer.